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Sensory Ladders Open Access

The Board of Directors of ASI Wise are very pleased to be able to sponsor the development of resources and tools to help everyone learn about Sensory Ladders

“The author of sensory ladders and the model here developed from Ayres’ work on sensory integration. Incredible that sensory ladders will be available to all. I’ve been using sensory ladders with young people and adults with learning disabilities (ft mild to profound) who have autism, adhd, personality disorder, offending history and complex behaviours.

Client centred, flexible , occupation focused, and can be used collaboratively with the individual child or adult , parents, carers, support staff , teaching staff. I’ve used this intervention as a stand alone intervention and as part of a multidisciplinary support plan – embedded into a positive behaviour support plan and can be used with other tools such as the DisDAT. I can’t speak highly enough about sensory ladders.

Ybbil Lundie, 2021

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