Building Sensory Ladders as part of Occupational Therapy Practice

working together to build shared language and ideas | learning about ourselves and others | creating unique and individual maps of our own self states in co-production | internalising emerging self-awareness and reframing ideas of self | developing ideas and ways to manage tricky tasks and events | thinking about “what to do and how” in challenging environments | building resilience by growing understanding

slow and gentle, percolated ideas emerging with coaching and validation of the lived experience, while thinking about the sensory, motor and cognitive challenges, always building on and growing strengths, interests and motivation while considering the unique individual and person, the environments and people in it| thinking about where people live, work and play, and their tasks and daily occupations.

Sensory Ladders are active co-production; intentional and mindful creation of supporting strategies to enhance and enrich participation in everyday life.

Kath Smith 2021

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