Sensory Ladders for Health, Education & Social Care Teams

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Working together to build shared language and ideas | learning about ourselves and others

Creating unique and individual maps of our own self-states in co-production | internalising emerging self-awareness and reframing ideas of self | building resilience by growing understanding

Developing ideas and ways to manage tricky tasks and events | thinking about “what to do and how” in challenging environments

Slow and gentle, percolated ideas emerging with coaching and validation of the lived experience, while thinking about the sensory, motor and cognitive challenges, always building on and growing strengths, interests and motivation while considering the unique individual and person, the environments and people in it | Thinking about where people live, work and play, and their tasks and daily occupations.

What Will I Learn?

  • Explore the idea of Sensory Ladders
  • Understand why each Sensory Ladder is unique and personalised
  • Consider how Sensory Ladders might work in your Family

Topics for this course

7 Lessons2h

AHP Introduction Webinar

Webinar for AHP’s01:24:58

Working with Families

A Family’s Story

In Conversation with Therapists

Clinical Tools and Resources

Build a Sensory Ladder on Powerpoint

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very informative and useful in the classroom!

Excellent course that I recommend to colleagues, friends and family (as well as parents on the playground) really informative, broken down into simple steps to really help learning and understanding. I particularly like all the videos and huge thanks to Mr J and his mum for giving a true reflection on the impact the sensory ladders provided to their lives!

Thank you so much for providing this course free of charge. Its provided lots of food for thought for how we can apply it within schools.

Very interesting course. Looking forward to trying sensory ladders in school. Thank you.

needed to be more video footage of it used with inderviduals and how they found it ,the constant talking was sending me to sleep

Thank you!

It was a good webinar to help me see how perhaps Sensory Ladders might fit in with other strategies I am aware of or currently use (e.g. Zones of Regulation, 5-Point Scale, Sensory Diet etc)
Thank you for making this free, accessible and informative.

Excellent course, everything you need to get started on supporting the making of sensory ladders

First time experiencing sensory ladders, lots of useful information with examples of practical applications given

Very informative!

As a newly qualified OT I have found this course very interesting and extremely useful.

as an OT student, this course will be of great benefit to me in my future career

This has been great and has helped me to understand the benefit of Sensory ladders and how to us them. The webinar, resources, personal feedback and talk from Liz has made this training one of the best sessions I have attended. I will be completing my own sensory ladder and will also share with my team. Thank you xx

Thank you Kath for such a valuable resource and the tools you have shared. Working with adults who have a diagnosis of autism, I can see how useful this will be for me as a therapist to create a shared language and understanding to support people in their daily lives. My first attempts have had some really good results. Please continue to support the therapist community, your work is so needed.

Thank you very much for sharing this valuable resource Kath. I particularly liked the idea of using a mat and soft toys as a tool as even the older kids can relate as many enjoy having soft toys. The examples from the young man and his Mum brought this tool to life and helped me to relate how it can be adapted with different client groups. Thank you to Liz Brown for sharing her inspiring stories. I look froward to using the sensory ladders.

Very thorough and clear presentation Kath. Thank you so much for this valuable information. I have been successfully sharing this information now with families, who very much appreciate your work.


Material Includes

  • Handouts and examples of Sensory Ladders
  • Online webinars to learn more about Sensory Ladders Examples of Sensory Ladders
  • Links to a vibrant community of builders and creators of Sensory Ladders, Sensory Spiders and more.


  • Grab a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of lemonade.
  • Headphones may be useful to avoid little and big ears listening in.
  • Get yourself comfortable.
  • Remember to listen again, you will hear a little more the second time round.
  • Learning more about the senses helps - see the extra uploads we have listed to support you and your family.

Target Audience

  • OT's, PT"s and SLT's. Other Healthcare and Social Care Staff have also found this webinar a useful tool to inform their clinical practice.