Sensory Ladders – A History

Sensory Ladders came from very early practice to reframe the unmet needs of clients with trauma who were dysregulated – our draft publication in 2009 included a suggestion we rename BPD as a sensory modulation and regulation disorder – but was a little before its time.The diagnosis called BPD then with EUPD a preferred termContinue reading “Sensory Ladders – A History”

On Climbing Sensory Ladders

Sensory Ladders are not linear – people can jump about – and no one person is the same. This is why we need to work with clients to understand each person’s unique presentation – and as you work changing presentations and ways of ‘being’ and moving/shifting between different self-states.   It’s always important to referContinue reading “On Climbing Sensory Ladders”

Sensory Ladders in Adult Mental Health and Psychiatry

The first Sensory Ladders were made in 2001 for adults with sensory integration difficulties receiving help with mental health difficulties in Cornwall. Influenced by the paediatric Alert Program, they offered therapists a way to combine Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Ayres’ Sensory Integration, addressing the development of the person’s self-awareness in collaboration with ward staff on anContinue reading “Sensory Ladders in Adult Mental Health and Psychiatry”

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